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New Ad Formats

Now available on Now Habersham
Now Habersham now offers a variety of new formats that can fit into our established ad slots. Please consult your Now Habersham advertising sales representative for price and placement availability, OR EMAIL:

Instant Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Ads

As shown in this example for Now Habersham, the Facebook Ad creates an ad from a public Facebook page. Once per hour, it pulls in the latest post from a Facebook feed, and displays the photo, caption and, as an option, comments and “like” information on the post. It only pulls in posts from the admin of the page, but will pull in comments by other users. The Twitter Ad and Instagram Ad also pull hourly from a public Twitter or Instagram feed, and offer all the same features as the Facebook Ad.


Great for capturing attention, this ad displays six images and captions of your choosing in a rotating cube (on the latest browsers). The cube will accept any photo sizes, but square works best if you don’t want any auto-cropping or sizing. Supports individual links per slide.


An ad format specifically for real estate agent selling property (although it could be used for other purposes). It displays a real estate company logo, an agent’s name, photo, and a place for images and details of their listing.


This ad shows a before picture and an after picture.It can also accommodate a logo and additional text. Useful for contractors, landscapers, dentists, and anyone else who benefits from pictures that tell a story and deliver impact.


Just like a lottery scratch-off! Specify a front image that can be scratched and an optional back image that will display underneath the scratched area.


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