Local public health shifts testing to private company

District 2 Public Health is turning over its COVID testing duties to a private medical company. Beginning January 22, MAKO Medical will begin administering COVID tests at a limited number of sites across the state. The only public health testing site in District 2 will be at the Allen Creek Soccer Complex in Gainesville.

The last days that District 2 Public Health will operate the testing site will be Tuesday, January 19, and Wednesday, January 20 from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. 

To schedule a testing appointment for Friday, January 22 or later, visit this link: https://mako.exchange/splash/GAmakotesting/

The change is being made to free up health department personnel to administer vaccines, spokesperson Dave Palmer says.

As public health transitions away from testing to vaccinating, District 2 will stop providing symptomatic testing at all 13 of the county health departments it serves in Northeast Georgia. January 22 will be the last day that rapid tests will be available.

Click map for directory of Georgia County Public Health Departments. (Source: GA Dept. Public Health)
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