Livestock owners urged to update E-911 records

Habersham County E-911 is asking livestock owners in the county to contact them to update their ownership records.

When law enforcement officers wrangle in wandering cows, horses, and other farm animals that have broken through pasture fences, E-911 dispatchers contact the owners. That’s difficult when they don’t know who the owners are.

“Often the owner is deceased or no longer has livestock and it becomes a guessing game and multiple calls,” explains E-911 director Lynn Smith.

To complicate matters, dispatchers often have to make those calls late at night or early in the morning when it’s even more difficult to reach people.

Owners can streamline the process by keeping their records up to date. Smith asks them to call the non-emergency line at 706-778-3911 and provide the following information (see below):

  • Livestock owner’s name
  • Valid phone number
  • Type of livestock
  • Location.

Those renting pastures should coordinate with landowners to make sure E-911 records are up to date.

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