Life in Motion: Bursting bubbles

We could all use a break right now from the heaviness of this pandemic; a moment to relax and just breathe.

Habersham County Animal Care and Control (HCACC) officers thought the cats at the shelter could use some stress relief, too. They set up a bubble machine for the cats at the shelter in Clarkesville.

“We THOUGHT our cats would enjoy chasing bubbles while they shelter in place,” HCACC posted on social media.”

The only bubble the cats burst was HCACC’s.

“We thought wrong,” HCACC officials wrote. “They didn’t care.”

Seems the cats were more interested in doing what cats do so well – grooming, and napping, and generally avoiding humans.

The humans’ efforts didn’t go to waste though. HCACC Director Madi Nix wound up chasing the bubbles.

At least she had fun.

As for the cats, HCACC says it’s, “Back to the drawing board.”

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