Life in Motion: And that’s a wrap

Spectacular swirls of color painted the evening sky over Northeast Georgia on Monday. People were awestruck by the beautiful sunset on Feb. 3 as it wrapped up a spring-like winter day. Rick Austin captured the above photo in Demorest.

Northeast Georgians posted their sunset photos to Now Habersham’s Facebook page, reminding us all of the connection we share living under the same big beautiful sky.

“Oh that sunset! Sweeping brush strokes of fuchsia, violet and rose, startled by electric streaks of tangerine. God was showing off tonight.” – Deanna Neal-Dwyre, Lula
Sunset over Clarkesville – Sherri Purcell
Sunset over Dawsonville – Ronda Rogers
Sunset over Dahlonega – Sherry Greaves
Sunset over Martin – Renee Canady
Sunset over Maysville – JL Arredondo
Sunset over Cleveland – Jordyn Baker
“…and wrapping it up in Rabun.” – Pamela Watts, Rabun County, GA

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