Hometown Heroes: Lindsey Lewallen and Lean on Me Delivery

When Maryville College junior Lindsey Lewallen started Lean on Me Delivery, a volunteer grocery, prescription, and essential items delivery service, she had no idea what kind of impact she would make.

“It was really kind of overwhelming how much support and all the thank-yous we were getting,” Lewallen said. “I was honestly really shocked at how many people wanted to help.”

When she launched Lean on Me in March, volunteers in Habersham, as well as friends from college, went to work on helping the most vulnerable to COVID-19 get the essentials they needed. “Several people in the community just offered their support, and many people made donations to help get supplies and pay for gas money,” Lewallen says. The love and support she received from her community blew her away.

Lewallen’s Lean on Me Delivery service made more than 40 deliveries to people in and around Habersham county, keeping the most vulnerable safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel like it, it definitely opened my mind a little bit to how awesome and thankful people are, just for lending a hand,” Lewallen said.

Lewallen’s work with Lean on Me Delivery left her inspired to continue helping her community in the future. “I saw how impactful volunteering and helping others was [for] myself and my community. [Lean on Me] gave me a greater appreciation for my community, for sure.”

After over a month of service and at least 40 deliveries later, Lewallen had to make the decision to stop making deliveries for the time being. As the state reopened, Lewallen’s volunteers returned to work, and her delivery requests disappeared almost completely.

Though Lean on Me isn’t delivering right now, Lewallen wants those who need delivery help to know that there are still people in North Georgia who want and are available to help. Laura and Josh Anderson of North Georgia Home Group continue to offer their delivery services to those in need. The Andersons can be reached at (706) 499-1124 and (770) 912-6334 by both call and text, or by email at northgahomegroup@gmail.com.

Empathy and kindness started Lean on Me Delivery, and Lewallen says it’s still important to think about others, even as the state reopens.

Lewallen believes kindness and support in the community are vital to making it through the global COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to understanding situations outside your own. “I think it’s important to understand everything’s bigger than yourself and that you can always help others and lend a hand,” Lewallen says. “Be supportive of each other and think about others more. Do what you can to help others. It’s a scary time for so many people, but it’s just so important that we look out for each other.”

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