Happy Birthday, Carlos!

The news changes daily but the impact of the stories we report lingers long after headlines fade.

Someone reminded me of that today.

It came in the form of an email, a single sentence conveying a simple request to wish the sender’s cousin a happy birthday. The email went on to say, it’s his “First birthday in heaven he lost hes [sic] life November 20 in a car accident going to school.”

The request ended with a simple “please.”

I remember that accident – the entire community does – but the news of the day and our lives have marched on. There have been hundreds of headlines since and many more families in mourning, but for the family of Carlos Christo Morales November 20, 2019, is a day forever enshrined in their memory.

So, too, is February 12.

On this day 18 years ago, Carlos came into the world. His family never expected he would leave it so soon. The boy who said, as teens often do, “I can’t wait ’til I’m 18,” died 85 days shy of his birthday.

Although he wasn’t here to celebrate this milestone, Carlos’ family marked the occasion today with morning Mass and balloons. His sister shared a video on social media, and his cousin sent an email asking this reporter from a hometown news website to grant one simple wish.

Happy Birthday, Carlos!

By: Joy Purcell | Now Habersham

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