Gasaway is a proven leader

Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was submitted to Now Habersham for publication by Dale Latty. The views expressed in this commentary are his. 

To the Editor:

The 50th District Senate race could go well for average voters this year. On the other hand, special interest lobbyists are working hard to get a lawyer elected for obvious reasons. Dan Gasaway is a proven leader who has consistently held the high ground under fire. Dan is not a lawyer.

I can speak about Dan Gasaway from personal knowledge too. His support was vital in winning some big fights in my home county of Habersham where I was also involved. Dan was the ONLY elected representative to assist in defeating a major lobby firm who tried to take over North Georgia water supplies for Atlanta interests. Dan was an effective ally for us in a complex maneuver when others were too flustered (or too intimidated) to act. Thanks to Dan Gasaway his district’s interests prevailed.

Dan is no stranger to the media or the communities he has served well for three terms in the Georgia House of Representatives. Sadly, due to invalid voter assignments by County officials and electioneering by savvy opponents who spent more than $250,000 to defeat him Dan was beat out, barely. Voters should be wary when huge campaign investments go to defeat a man with a strong record of watching the proverbial henhouse. President Trump has also had to defend himself against both political parties, and the media, to be elected.

Rep. Gasaway stuck to his guns when his home county of Habersham faced fiscal disaster with our local hospital. He is always very well informed and he can be trusted behind closed doors. Unfortunately his informed insight is sometimes ignored for political reasons by less capable elected leaders. The current Habersham County Commission Chairman (and former Hospital Authority Chairman) is a case in point. The man has presided over one bad deal after another with our hospital. It’s a glaring fact that this same County Chairman is challenging the seasoned ability of Dan Gasaway to be your next State Senator. Beware of opportunists and lawyers in political attire.

Your vote for Dan Gasaway is a vote for proven representative ability and, most importantly, solid trustworthiness.

Dale Latty
Demorest, Georgia

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