Don’t miss out on our gardening contest!

Wow! So many of you have posted on our Facebook page and showing off what’s growing in your garden. We love it! It’s obvious many of you have a green thumb.

Time is running out to enter and win a $25 gift certificate to Lowe’s in Cornelia. We’ve made it easy.

We hope the past couple of frosty mornings didn’t cost you any of those tender blooms or veggies. If so, enter for a chance to get some replacements. Or maybe you just want to add something new to your beds or containers, we’ve got you covered.

You can’t win if you don’t enter. It’s a beautiful day. Head outside, snap a picture, and post on our Facebook page.

Many thanks to Lowe’s in Cornelia for their partnership. We look forward to seeing one of you in the winner’s circle.

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