Dahlonega’s Old Fashioned Christmas

Dahlonega is the perfect Christmas town to visit, especially when it snows. (Photo courtesy of Cottrell Photography)

Southern Living Magazine chose Dahlonega as the perfect Christmas town. And, Dahlonega placed twelfth in the top 25 Hallmark Christmas towns in the country. By the way, Dahlonega was the only town in the southern United States included in the top 25. What makes Dahlonega such a stand out?

Shops all around the square are decorated beautifully. (Margie Williamson/Now Habersham)

Perhaps it’s the way the entire town embraces the Christmas season. The downtown area is decorated in abundance with garlands, lights, wreaths, Christmas trees, ribbons and bows. It’s stunning in the daylight and at night when the town twinkles in white lights.

Possibly it’s the way shop owners go out of their way to welcome shoppers with Christmas smells, sights, and experiences.

And maybe, it’s the way it feels stepping back in time to when Christmas wasn’t quite so consumer driven. Dahlonega is a place to wander, to sip coffee and hot chocolate, to share Christmas stories and memories with friends and family, and to reflect on what Christmas used to be like.

Dahlonega offers stores and restaurants all decked on in Christmas cheer, and fun activities for the family. (Courtesy Paul Thomas, Forrest Hills Resort)

Whatever you are looking to enjoy during the Christmas season, you’ll find in Dahlonega. Check out Dahlonega’s Old Fashioned Christmas for a calendar of Christmas events for the remainder of 2020.

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