Corrections officer sustains minor injury in fight at Lee Arrendale

Three inmates from Lee Arrendale State Prison are in even more trouble with the law after several fights broke out in the state prison in Alto.

A Corrections Officer received minor injuries during one of the fights, according to Georgia Department of Corrections spokesperson Lori Benoit. She says there were “three individual fights that occurred on three separate dates.” Benoit would not release any other details.

The GDC Office of Professional Standards took out warrants on the three alleged offenders. They were arrested on April 12.

22-year-old Monique Fleming of Summerville, Georgia, was charged with aggravated assault on a correctional officer. She was given an $11,100 bond. 24-year-old Belaysia Francois of Atlanta was charged with aggravated battery and riot in a penal institution. Her bond was set at $13,400. 23-year-old Shontori Gooden of Alto was charged with multiple offenses including aggravated battery, battery, simple assault, and riot in a penal institution. The judge set her bond at $15,800.

All three women were remanded back into the custody of Lee Arrendale State Prison.

file photo

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