• Roads Less Traveled: The Falls- Part Two


    The southeast is not particularly well known for it’s waterfalls, despite there being many gorgeous ones peppered across the region. A few weeks ago, in part one of “The Falls” series, I featured Minehaha falls in Rabun County and Helton Creek Falls in Union County. If you haven’t seen it and would like to, you […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: A Night with the Northern Lights


    The text message came in mid-afternoon on a Monday afternoon, alerting me to the potential for a severe, G4 geomagnetic storm. I got my supplies together before heading into work for the afternoon, with my fingers crossed that this storm would be “the one” to bring the Aurora Borealis into Northern Georgia. Auroras aren’t entirely unheard […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: NC Highway 28


    Between Highlands and Franklin, NC lies a roadway carved into the side of a gorge. Highway 28 follows the Cullasaja River on it’s journey from Lake Sequoyah down through the Cullasaja Gorge. While the views of the gorge from the Highway are excellent, there is no room to pull off limiting you to viewing the […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: The Falls Part 1


    Waterfalls have always held a special place in my heart when it comes to outdoor adventures. Living in northern Georgia offers no shortage of these natural phenomena, carved out of hard granite and quartz over thousands of years. This area offers a variety of different types of waterfalls with different levels of accessibility. Late spring […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: Brasstown Bald


    Brasstown Bald is the highest point in the state of Georgia. It’s elevation of 4,784ft is some 88ft higher than Rabun Bald (the 2nd highest point) and is one of just a few mountains in Georgia with a 360º view. I have personally visited this mountain too many times to count over the past few years, […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: Blood Mountain


    The Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the state and, of it’s journey through Georgia, no section is visited as much as Blood Mountain. This mountain, which may draw it’s name from a battle between the Creek and Cherokee Indians, is the highest point of the AT in Georgia topping […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: Pickens Nose, NC


    Just over the state line outside of Otto, NC lies a hidden gem among the mountains. Pickens Nose is a 20 minute hike to spectacular rock outcroppings sitting at over 4900ft of elevation. These outcroppings peer out over the Nantahala Wilderness, which in Cherokee means “land of the noon day sun”. The steep walls of […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: Black Rock Mountain


    Perched high on the hills above Clayton lies Georgia’s highest state park. With an elevation well above 3,000ft this park is home to fantastic mountain vistas, beautiful flowers, and even a small fishing lake. It’s cool summer days make it a hot destination for many, making it one of Georgia’s most popular and highly visited […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: Somethin’ ’bout Snow


    As children, we were often fascinated by snow. The search for the ever-evading snow day kept us excited through the cold winter season, and at times we drove our teachers insane as we asked incessantly in our grade school years if we would have school the next day. By adulthood, many of us grew out […]

  • Roads Less Traveled: Preacher’s Rock


    Located roughly 1.5 miles from Woody Gap up the great Appalachian Trail (AT) lies an exposed rock with an incredible view. This rock goes by many names but most of the locals know it as “Preacher’s Rock”. It overlooks the valley that runs below Big Cedar Mountain towards the east/southeast. It is a fairly highly […]


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