• Leap!


    Leap! is a late summer entry that doesn’t provide anything really memorable for its 89 minute run time.

  • A helping hand for animals


    Since Hands for Paws’ inception, local community members have been rallying behind the organization’s cause to help North Georgia’s  cat population.

  • Mondays with Mom: Transparency


    When I started writing “Mondays with Mom,” my hope was that it would reach people who were struggling with their caregiving. I had no illusions of being able to lighten their load, but sometimes it helps to know that someone else is in the same boat.

  • Mondays with Mom: Eclipse


    Like most of America, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the talk of the total eclipse of the sun. I’ve learned so much about all the different parts of an eclipse and even went out in to Mom and Dad’s driveway to watch it occur.

  • Batman on big screen TONIGHT at historic theater


    For one night only, Batman, will be on the big screen at Clarkesville’s historic Habersham Community Theater (HCT). The classic film starring the famous caped crusader is scheduled for TONIGHT Friday, August 18th at 7:30PM.

  • Mondays with Mom: Blue


    Mom’s eyes are blue. When Elton John wrote his song “Blue Eyes” in the early 1980’s, I wondered if he was writing about eyes like Mom’s. He describes them “like a deep blue sea on a blue, blue day” and “like a clear blue sky.” He told of “blue eyes laughing in the sun, laughing in […]

  • EXCLUSIVE Total Eclipse of the Park t-shirts


    It’s coming! On August 21st the Great American Solar Eclipse will cut a path across North Georgia and the continental United States. Commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event with our exclusive Total Eclipse of the Park t-shirt.


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