• Mondays with Mom: Correspondence


    A few months ago, Dad wrote a form letter to causes that he’d been supporting financially for years. Dad typed his correspondence on a typewriter, duplicated it, and sent it through the mail.

  • Mondays with Mom: Paint


    I love to paint. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love the peacefulness of holding a brush. My garden is my happy place, but sitting down to paint is right up there! I like to get ideas from Pinterest, the online idea forum. I have several “boards” there […]

  • Mondays with Mom: Patience


    Several months ago I was given the opportunity to speak in worship at our church. It was in the middle of a sermon series on the fruits of the Spirit. The Sunday I was to speak corresponded with the day “Patience” was to be the topic. I thought it was funny that God would have chosen […]

  • Mondays with Mom: Tears


    Many tears have been shed since Mom began her decline. It’s been a tough adjustment for all of us close to her. It’s been especially difficult for Dad.

  • Mondays with Mom: Independence


    So, on this holiday where we celebrate our nation’s independence, I’m actually thinking a lot about the opposite – dependence. Not in a national light, but in a very personal way.

  • Mondays with Mom: Restaurants


    Calzones are a favorite meal for Mom. If she hasn’t eaten in a while, we know that a trip to Chicago’s Pizza in Demorest is the perfect way to get her eating again.

  • Mondays with Mom: Birds


    Just outside the front door at Mom and Dad’s is a wooden signpost that Dad erected many years ago. It’s at least five feet tall and has several cup hooks where he hangs a suet cake and seed bird feeder each morning.

  • Mondays with Mom: Anniversary


    They’ve been married 65 years. Mom and Dad were married on June 4, 1951 and they had a small church wedding. They hadn’t known each other very long, but each knew what kind of person they were looking for and when they found it.


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