Biz Buzz: Whistle Top Brew Company

Store front

Scott Hulsey dreams of one day owning his own brewery. For now, he’s got the next best thing…a growler shop.

Scott and his dad Gary Hulsey opened the Whistle Top Brew Company in Cornelia last October. Scott says they worked hard turning half of his dad’s storefront — Hulsey’s Appliance and Refrigeration — into a place to start his own business. The father- son duo did all the work themselves.

Father and son business partners, Gary (left) and Scott Hulsey.
Father and son business partners, Gary (left) and Scott Hulsey.

So exactly what is a growler shop? It’s a business that sells beer in reusable, refillable containers. The shop has 20 taps which are always changing. Eighteen are different types of beer such as IPA’s, Ales, Stouts, and Porters. Two taps are reserved for root beer and cider. They sell wine, too.

Since Whistle Top Brew Co. is not a bar, you can only taste small amounts of the beer on the premises. But with 18 beers to choose from, chances are you’ll find something you’ll like well enough to take home.

Growlers, Kegs and Birthdays

Here’s how it works. First, you buy a growler — a container for buying beer on the go. Whistle Top has several sizes from small (750ml) to large (half gallon). There are also three different keg sizes from small (5.16 gallons) to large (15.5 gallons). Next, you choose your beer from one of the 20 taps and they fill up the growler or keg for you. Then, you take it home to enjoy. The growlers are reusable so, when you’re done, just clean it and bring it back for a refill.

Whistle Top Brew Co. is getting ready to celebrate it’s first year in business and the Hulseys plan to celebrate in a big way.

On October 31st they’re hosting a Boo’s & Brews Birthday Bash at the Community House in Cornelia. It’s scheduled to start at 8pm Halloween night and includes a $5 cover charge. Six beers will be available on tap that night and there will be root beer, as well. All ages are welcome, but bring your ID. Only those 21 or older will be allowed to drink alcohol. Finger foods will be provided by local restaurants Natalie Jane’s and AJ’s. There will also be a costume contest and live music.

The Whistle Top Brew Company is located at 248 North Main Street, Cornelia, GA. Hours are Mon-Thur 1-7pm and Fri-Sat. 1-9pm. Have questions? Give them a call at 706-776-9556.

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