Biz Buzz: Bumbleberry

Bonnie Walsh has made a name for herself with her friendly business style and talent for knitting. Her soft, persistent smile displays the enjoyment she derives from making a living doing what she loves. Walsh has owned Bumbleberry Yarn and Gifts in Clarkesville for six years and, in that time, has succeeded in raising awareness of and interest in the leisure art of knitting.

Her store, located at 1345 Washington Street in Clarkesville, Georgia, is a yarn artist’s dream. Bumbleberry carries a large selection of yarn in acrylic, wool, cotton, alpaca, bamboo and mixed fibers and it comes in every color and shade you can imagine. Some yarns are hand-dyed while others are dyed by computer. With so much to choose from you’ll want to set aside an hour just for browsing.

Yarn isn’t the only thing Bumbleberry carries. This upscale boutique also has a large selection of gifts including stationary, women’s fragrances by Lollia and Library of Flowers, African market baskets, bags, jewelry, candles and more.

Most people dream of making a living doing what they love and Bonnie Walsh is proof that you can.

Walsh has worked in retail most of her life. From starting out in grocery stores when younger to running a Hallmark store, she has also studied art education and art therapy. Bonnie explains, “I am now using my background in a way I never would have thought.” She has studied with The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA) and has completed their Masters program. She’s now a Master knitter!

Bonnie uses her talent and training to teach others. She offers classes for beginners, one-on-one instruction and hosts social knitting events. Walsh says she loves working with her customers to help them develop into seasoned knitters. When asked why she likes knitting so much Walsh replies, “There is always another challenge in the distance.”

If you’re ready to take on the challenge contact You’ll receive a free newsletter and a list of classes offered each month.


1345 Washington Street

Photos by A.N. Williams

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