Autumn’s Wonder


God’s great art is presented before the cold, drab scenes of winter to warm our minds and hearts while many plants take their rest in order to be ready for spring.

Sometimes as I walk trails I feel more awe at the glory of autumn than any other time of year. The beauty can somehow bring tears to my eyes, as emotion rises so powerfully in mind and soul.

Another sad note is that of feeling more ancient myself as I walk in the autumn of life.

Growing up in the lovely Germany Valley of Rabun County, Georgia, I was blessed with living there until I left for college and then entered the Air Force.

The words below were written in an autumn wood several years ago after coming back from a tour overseas.

In Mid-October I go
into a sun-dappled wood,
where fine oaks and pines grow
around a tranquil glade
in which I feel only good
sitting in the shade.

Precious are the days I spend
in refreshing wooded bowers,
cooled by a fragrant wind
that stirs among the leaves
as I while away the hours
under some grand old trees.

I treasure the precious time
when birds sing melodies
in a shady glen sublime
hidden by hills about
clad with lovely trees
that keep the mad world out.

The time grows ever nigh
when I leave this earthly vale
for a better place on high
where healing fills the air
with no war or travail
and a sky forever fair.

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