2018 record year for rainfall in White County

It’s hard to believe northeast Georgia was in a drought just over a year ago

2018 was a record year for rainfall in White County. WRWH Weather reporter Bill Kinsland advises that all three weather stations in the county, Cleveland, Helen, and Sautee beat the old rainfall records set in 2013. Here are the totals:

CLEVELAND: 90.79” (28.69”/ surplus) (2013 TOT: 90.43”)

HELEN: 105.88” (37.29”/ surplus) (2013 TOT: 101.42”)

SAUTEE: 103.91” (37.31”/ surplus) (2013 TOT: 98.60”)

According to Bill, the average year-end total for the county was 100.19 inches, the normal rainfall is 65.76 inches. That gives the county a surplus of 34.43 inches.

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